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Our legal team brings an unparalleled, highly professional blend of both legal and transport-industry experience to your case.

We deliver a completely dedicated legal services, focussing on driver and transport-based matters, with a proven record in obtaining the fairest outcome possible.

The Highway Advocates Team is available to you throughout Australia, offering cost-effective legal solutions to keep you on the road.


Robert Bell


Robert Bell is an industry veteran, with over 35 years in the Road Transport industry.

As a law undergraduate, Robert regularly appears in both Local and District Court matters for clients, with significant success.

Robert has been a long-term advocate for the transport industry, appearing in Senate hearings and Industry Focus groups.

He has published several articles in the transport press and recently appeared on the ABC 730 report.

Now working in this complex area, Robert’s wealth of experience, combined with hands-on knowledge of Road Transport legislation, make him a valuable asset for Highway Advocates, and the industry in general.

Robert heads a team of legal professionals who are focused on achieving some balance and fairness for drivers and operators.

Robert is ready to take your call or field your email enquiry 24/7.

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