Who regulates the Regulator?

The NHVR has some problems in Victoria, one of which is that they are enforcing Queensland legislation in Victoria. Imagine if Queensland Police were handing out fines to Victorian drivers for breaching Queensland Road Rules. How would the driver in Victoria know what they were doing wrong?

The significant penalties issued by the Court in the cases discussed in the articles demonstrate just how seriously these offences are viewed. This makes it vital that you contact Highway Advocates as soon as the situation develops. Don’t wait until a week or so before court.

We can assist in preparing a defence or sentencing submission that makes all the difference – this is our industry-insider advantage.

If you receive a penalty or court notice for one or more of these offences, you should give us a call on our free 24/7 number for advice about the best to move forward.

When we speak to drivers and operators, we often find there are circumstances surrounding the offence that will reduce the fine or may even lead to the charge be dismissed with no conviction. The fines imposed by the court reflect the seriousness of the offence: we have a proven track record of identifying all the circumstances that will help reduce the fine.


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