Disqualification Removals

Achieving Disqualification Removals

Disqualification removals

October 2017 saw the passing of legislation that allows disqualified drivers who are not eligible to file a request for disqualification. Disqualified drivers might be able to get their license back sooner if this legislation is passed.

If you have not been convicted of any driving offences for a specific period of time, an application to remove your license from service can be made. This is the standard time period for most applicants. However, depending on your driving record, some applicants may only need to have their license disqualified for two years. You cannot apply for your license to be revoked if you have been convicted.

This includes driving offences that cause death or serious injury to another person, police pursuits and menacing driving. The safety of the public, traffic records, whether you drove while disqualified and your conduct since disqualification are all factors that the court will consider when deciding your application to remove your license disqualification.

The court can adjourn your application if you have not completed the traffic offenders program. You must wait at least 12 months after your court rejects your application to remove your license disqualification. It is crucial that you get experienced legal advice to ensure that your application is properly presented.

Highway Advocates PTY LTD can help you determine if you are eligible to request your license disqualification to be removed. We are available to provide advice, determine if you’re eligible, and prepare your application. We offer free consultations and charge fixed fees for most cases.

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